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School Day Preschool

Our School Day Preschool at Bates is open to all interested students who are 4 years old and up by September 1st. 

The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a State of Michigan, grant-funded program designed to provide eligible four-year old children with high-quality preschool. Tuition funding eligibility is based on family income and school readiness risk factors. To see if you qualify, visit and fill out an online form. 

For 2021-2022, we will be offering tuition based wraparound care for after-school hours for families who need it, depending on interest. 

  • Hours: GSRP runs Monday through Thursday from 8:10am-3:10pm. Lunch is included. 
  • Calendar: GSRP follows the Dexter Schools Community Schools calendar and is also closed whenever the  schools are closed for weather. 
  • Enrollment: Apply for the program using the online application. Dexter is part of the Washtenaw ISD service area.

    The state of Michigan awards grant allocations starting in July; please register early for maximum opportunities. 

  • Tuition: The GSRP school day program is free to eligible families. Families who do not qualify for funding will make payments according to the schedule below. There are fees for aftercare, which will be offered based on interest. Please see Monday enrichment and After school enrichment on the tuition page. 

Sample Daily Routines

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